Precision Plate Ltd.


Offering a Full Line of Finishes and Services

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Precision Plate Ltd. is a leader in specification electroplating and metal surface treatments.


Finishes and Specifications Provided

MIL Specs (Military Specifications)

•MIL-C-14550       Copper Plating                                        (Replaced with AMS2418)
•MIL-C-26074       Coatings, Electroless Nickel             (Now SAE AMS-C-26074)
•MIL-DTL-5541    Chemical conversion coatings
•MIL-G-45204      Gold Plating                                             (Replaced with AMS2422
                                                                                                           & ASTM B488)
•MIL-P-27418        Soft Nickel Sulfamate Bath               (See AMS2424)
•MIL-T-10727        Tin Plating                                                (Replaced with ASTM B545)

•QQ-N-290              Nickel Plating                                          (Now AMS-QQ-N-290)
•QQ-S-365               Silver                                                           (Cancelled)
•QQ-Z-325               Zinc Coating                                             (Replaced with ASTM B633)
•QQ-P-35C              Passivation                                                (Replaced with ASTM A967) 
                                                                                                             & AMS2700)

AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications)

•AMS 2404            Electroless Nickel Plating
•AMS 2402            Zinc Plating
•AMS 2412             Silver Plating
•AMS 2418             Copper Plating
•AMS 2422             Gold Plating
•AMS-2700            Passivation
•AMS-QQ-N-290 Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited)

ASTM International (American Society of  Testing and Materials)

•ASTM A967          Passivation
•ASTM B488         Gold Plating

•ASTM B545          Tin Plating
•ASTM B633          Zinc Plating
•ASTM B689         Nickel Plating
•ASTM B700         Silver Plating

•ASTM B733         Electroless Nickel Plating